PageRank is an algorithm which is used by the Google search engine. It is used to evaluate Web sites and reaches values ​​from 0 to 10 It was designed by Larry Page, along with Sergey Brin. PageRank find using a variety of authentication pages and plugins in your browser. The internet is also accessible to his calculation, but for practical use too discouraged.


PageRank values ​​range from 0 to 10 Zero usually have a new website as PageRank calculation is performed every day, rather after several weeks to months. He therefore takes your Google web full record and rank increases. Most quality sites, it has PageRank 1 to 6 Higher PageRank already have a site like Google.cz, Facebook.com, etc. These are usually authoritative sites.

If you PageRank drops to zero, it also means that your site may be penalized by Google for some. Behind that is unsuccessful then mostly internet marketing, specifically bad method linkbuilding. PageRank is only known rank on the internet. Commonly today also examines the S-Rank pages (from the list).

What is the PageRank counts

Detailed guidance on the calculation of PageRank can be found on the Internet. For personal use probably do not use it, because the calculation is not simple. In general, the score is based on hyperlinks. Examines what sites link to you, in which structure and of course also take into account the quantity and diversity tematičnosti. Therefore counted from referring sites. Therefore, the calculation of PageRank is theoretically possible, but practically impossible. PageRank is one of the indicators, which is used by SEO marketing. If you are the right measures your PageRank is likely to increase, and vice versa.

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